• Gouverner (avec) l’opinion au niveau européen

  • E_POEU_053_H310

    European Federalism

    edited by Giacomo Delledonne and Giuseppe Martinico – N° 53 2016/3

  • POEU_051_L204

    The Comprehensive Approach across European Security Fields

    edited by Chantal Lavallée and Florent Pouponneau – N° 51 2016/1

  • POEU_047_L204

    The Construction of the Other. Defining “Identity at the Margins” in the European Space

    edited by Solenn Carof, Aline Hartemann and Anne Unterreiner – N°47 2015/1

  • POEU_050_L204

    Should we continue to Study the EU? Edited by Olivier Rozenberg

    edited by Olivier Rozenberg – N° 50 2015/4

  • Defence Policy in Europe. The Legacy of Bastien Irondelle

    edited by Catherine Hoeffler and Samuel B.H. Faure – N°48 2015/2

La revue / The Journal

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Each issue also includes on-going research articles, as well as book reviews and review essays.