N° 9, 2003/1 – Parliamentarianism and European Construction

PE9Parliamentarianism and European Construction

edited by Olivier Rozenberg, Yves Surel, 2003/1 (n°9)


Olivier Rozenberg, Yves Surel – Parliaments and the European Union 


Christopher Lord – The European Parliament, not a very european Parliament?

This article distinguishes preference aggregation, identity formation and the deliberation of norms as three functions performed by parliaments in systems of representative government. It argues that analysis of what kind of parliament is the European Parliament (EP) in comparison to others? has hitherto focused excessively on preference aggregation to the exclusion of the other two elements. In seeking to correct this it reaches an original assessment of the three-way comparison that is often made between the EP, US Congress and national parliamentary systems of many EU Member States.


Olivier Costa, Paul Magnette – Ideologies and Institutional Change in the European Union. Why Have Governments Continued to Strengthen the European Parliament? 


Andreas Maurer – The European Parliament, the national parliaments and the EU Conventions

This paper explores the Convention method along the theoretical concept of deliberative democracy. It argues that the Convention method, in comparison with IGCs, can be seen as an alternative way for steering system change and fundamental reform of the European Union. Hence it features participative and inclusive forms of open deliberation, it respects and integrates the relative importance of minority positions, it offers open fora for parliamentary discourse and helps to include both the European Parliament and national parliaments at an early stage of system building. Although the Convention acts in the shadow of the European Council and the upcoming IGC, the method itself might become a future model for a more democratic set up of the EU’s system.


Parliamentarianism and European Construction


Willy Beauvallet – The Institutionalization and Professionalization of Politics in Europe: The Case of French Euro-parliamentarians


Laurent Dutoit – Influence within the European Parliament: Intergroups 


Marta Latek – The Weight of National Parliamentary Traditions in the Development of Interparliamentary Cooperation: The French and British Participation in the COSAC



Frédéric Mérand – The French Military and European Construction: 1972–1998. Social Representations of the Defense-Focused Europe in “Today’s Armed Forces” 


Ongoing Research

Christelle Mandin – Is Europe the Vector of a Change in Paradigm with Regard to Early Retirement?


Critical Reading


Xavier Jardin

Donatella Della Porta

Sabine Saurugger