N° 21, 2007/1 – Unemployment in Europe

PE21Unemployment in Europe

edited by Didier Chabanet, Jean Faniel, 2007/1 (n°21)


Didier Chabanet, Jean Faniel – Unemployment in Europe: The Sociopolitical Issues and Dynamics of Failure


Bernard Conter – Full-Time or Necessary Unemployment: The European Employment Strategy, between Utopia and Pragmatism


Christian Lahusen – The Invisible Hand of the European Union and the Silent Europeanization of Public Debates about Unemployment


Vincent Dubois – An Active Welfare State and Keeping Track of the Unemployed: A Rigorist Turning Point between European Trends and National Interests


Catherine Spieser – Labour market policies in post-communist Poland: explaining the peaceful institutionalisation of unemployment

The article investigates the emergence and development of the policies and politics of unemployment in Poland after 1989, where the latter constitutes a relatively new but salient phenomenon. We can observe a process of peaceful institutionalisation of unemployment, which became a status conferring limited social rights, without this triggering significant protest or opposition. Two complementary explanations account for this. First, trade unions have been instrumental in ensuring social peace. Secondly, labour market and social policies have played a major role in containing the opposition of certain groups. The design of labour market policies was thus largely driven by domestic politics while external influences and europeanization in particular played a minor role before 2004.


Sophie Béroud – The Difficult Emergence of a Movement for the Unemployed in Spain (1988–2002)


Didier Chabanet – Unemployment and Social Exclusion: The European Failure


Yann Berard – The Internationalization of Expertise. A Comparison between Advisory Engineering Activities in the Field of Urban Transport and Public Development Assistance in Europe: Ongoing Research


Critical Readings