N° 20, 2006/3 – Gender and Public Action in Europe

PE20Gender and Public Action in Europe

edited by Sandrine Dauphin, Réjane Senac-Slawinski, 2006/3 (n°20)


Sandrine Dauphin, Réjane Senac-Slawinski – Foreword


Réjane Senac-Slawinski – Gender Mainstreaming in Light of Its Origins and Expression in Public Action in France


Sophie Jacquot – The Instrumentation of Gender Mainstreaming at the European Commission: Between “Social Engineering” and “Instrumental Engineering”


Gwenaëlle Perrier – Gender and Applying the Concept of Gender Mainstreaming. Case Study on the Implementation of the European Social Fund in Ile-de-France and Berlin since 2000


Brigitte Frotiée – The Equality of the Sexes in Spain as a Political Issue in the Process of Democratization


Maxime Forest – The Issue of Gender Equality and the Eastern Expansion of the EU


Alexandra Jönsson, Nathalie Morel – Equality of the Sexes and Reconciling Family Life and Professional Life in Europe. A Comparison of the Policies Pursued in France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom




Pierre Muller – When Public Policies Reveal Relationships of Domination


Critical Readings