N° 19, 2006/2 – Constitutional Patriotism and the European Union

PE19Constitutional Patriotism and the European Union

edited by Jean-Marc Ferry, 2006/2 (n°19)


Jean-Marc Ferry – Supranational Politics


Justine Lacroix – The Relevance of the Liberal Paradigm to the Political Integration of Europe


Kalypso Nicolaïdis – Our European Democracy. The Transnational Constellation on the Horizon of Constitutional Patriotism


Sophie Heine – The Democratic and Social Requisites for Constitutional Patriotism


Cécile Leconte – The European Union and the Issue of Constitutional Patriotism: Lessons Learned from the Haider Affair


François Foret – What Are the Presuppositions about European Democracy? Alternating Viewpoints about the Role of Religion


Antoine Vion – The Affirmation of Urban Governments in the European Union: A Diffuse Professional Legitimation


Critical Readings