N° 18, 2006/1 – The Social History of European Integration

PE18The Social History of European Integration

edited by Yves Deloye, 2006/1 (n°18)


Yves Deloye – Introduction: A Socio-historical Approach to European Integration. A First Status Report


Véronique Charlety – Foundational Benchmarks. Introducing History to the European Public Space


Fabrice Larat – Europe in Search of a Guardian Figure. Instrumentalizing Carolingian Symbolism as an Attempt to Establish a Political Plan


Guillaume Marrel, Renaud Payre – Parliamentary Careers, the Longevity of Euro-MPs, and the Institutionalization of the Parliamentary Arena


Antonin Cohen – Congresses in Assembly. Postwar Structuring of the European Transnational Political Space


Anne Bazin – The Effects and Uses of European Integration with Respect to the Transformation of Conflicting Relations: The Case of Germany and Czechoslovakia




Elsa Tulmets – Adapting the Open Method of Coordination to the EU Expansion Policy: The Experience of Institutional Twinnings in Estonia and Hungary 


Ongoing Research


Delphine Chabalier – European Integration and Europeanization of the Railway Sector: Railway Company Strategies


Critical Readings