N° 12, 2004/1 – Europe as Seen under a Localized Microscope

PE12Europe as Seen under a Localized Microscope

edited by Romain Pasquier, Julien Weisbein, 2004/1 (n°12)


Romain Pasquier, Julien Weisbein – Europe as Seen under a Localized Microscope. Manifesto for a Political Sociology of Community Integration


Xavier Marchand-Tonel, Vincent Simoulin – European Funding in the Midi-Pyrénées Region: Polycentric, Local, or Illusional Governance?


Romain Pasquier, Gilles Pinson – European Urban Politics and Local Government in Spain and Italy


Thomas Helie – Cultivating Europe: Elements for a Localized Approach to the “Europeanization” of Cultural Policies


Julian Mischi, Julien Weisbein – Europe as a Nearby Political Cause? Disputing and Promoting Community Integration into the Local Space


Sylvie Strudel – European Citizenship versus German Federalism: The Oneness of Europe Confronted with German Diversity


Ongoing Research


Iglika Yakova – Representing the Professional Interests of the Agricultural Sector in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria: Is There an Active Europeanization Here?


Critical Readings