N° 11, 2003/3 – Managing the European Union

PE11Managing the European Union

edited by Patrick Hassenteufel, 2003/3 (n°11)


Patrick Hassenteufel – Introduction: Administrative Fragmentation and Interinstitutional Competition


Jean-François Polo – The Emergence of an Audiovisual Direction for the Commission: The Consecration of Cultural Exceptions


Sébastien Guigner – The Odyssey of European Health Administration: The Quest for Leadership


Cécile Robert – Expertise as a Means of Community Administration: Between Technocratic Arguments and Strategies of Alliance


Magali Gravier – From One Loyalty to Another. Analyzing the Status of European Public Service (1951–2003)


Véronique Dimier – Institutionalization and Bureaucratization of the European Commission: The Example of the DG for Development


Michel Mangenot – A “Chancery of the Prince”. The Role of the General Secretariat of the Council in the Decision-Making Process in Brussels


Olivier Costa – Managing the European Parliament: The Paradoxes Surrounding an Unavoidable yet Weak General Secretariat


Ongoing Research 

Katrin Rücker – The Entry of Great Britain into the European Economic Community in 1973: A Triangular Arrangement between Paris, Bonn, and London 


Critical Reading