How to submit a special issue


The editorial board encourages any proposal for a special thematic issue in the field of European Studies.

Any special issue proposal should include a general presentation of the question being dealt with in the issue (a few pages) and a brief abstract with maximum five to seven articles besides the introduction (authors, title and summary of the articles’ proposal).

Proposals for special issues including articles both in French and in English are appreciated.

Proposals are reviewed by the editorial board, which decides whether to accept the issue as is, to ask for a revise and resubmit (accompanied by a number of comments), or to refuse the proposal. In the case of a revise and resubmit, the second version of the proposal is again reviewed by the editorial board, which can either accept or reject it.

When a special issue is accepted, one or two member(s) of the editorial board provides the scientific monitoring in cooperation with the special issue guest editor(s). S/He is associated at each stage of the evaluation process (first and second versions); verifies the consistency between the different articles of the special issue, individually assesses each article, and may, at any time, issue a negative opinion on the publication of an article. An anonymous reviewer, external to the editorial board, also reviews each special issue’s article.

Manuscripts should be sent to Oriane Calligaro (ocalliga(at) and Clément Fontan (clement.fontan(at), co-editors-in-chief of the journal.