How to submit an article for the “research notes” section


The aim of Politique européenne is to promote European studies and to provide a forum for research on European integration. The editorial board encourages proposals for articles that aim to present research in progress or about to begin. This may be individual research (PhD project, post-doctoral research, etc.) or collective research. Result of a Master’s thesis, when it is based on an original research work, may also be considered for publication.

These proposals, in French or English, should be between 15,000 and 25,000 characters, spaces not included.

They will be evaluated internally and supported by the editorial committee and published in the “Research notes” section. Authors are invited to follow the general instructions of the journal.

Articles should focus on outlining the objectives, theoretical assumptions or hypotheses, fieldwork, and methods of the proposed research. They may also present a new database, discuss the challenges of a new method, or include initial results, but their primary objective remains to give visibility to work in progress.

Any proposal for a research project should be addressed to Hugo Canihac ( and Virginie van Ingelgom (, who are responsible for the section.