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N° 49 2015/3 – Varia

2015/3 (N° 49)   Varia Articles Véronique Dimier – In the name of efficency. The evaluation of European Development Policy: a ritual of conformity ? This article deals with the institutionalisation of a service in charge of evaluation within an organisation (DG DEV of the European Commission) which had for a

N° 48 2015/2 – Defence Policy in Europe. The Legacy of Bastien Irondelle

Edited by Catherine Hoeffler, Samuel B.H. Faure, 2015/2 (n°48)   Catherine Hoeffler, Samuel B.H. Faure – « Europeanization without the European Union»: Considerations on the Evolution of Defence Policy Olivier Chopin – Can Joint Intelligence and Bilateral Cooperation Replace European Integration? Intelligence may be one of defense and security cooperation’s most