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N° 55, 2017/1 – Varia

Articles Pierre Vanheuverzwijn – How the Commission fills in the blanks of the European SemesterIncomplete contracts and supranational discretion in the EU’s post-crisis economic governance Since the onset of the crisis the EU has introduced new instruments of economic governance, at the heart of which is the European Semester. Scholars

N° 53, 2016/3 – European Federalism

Special Report: European Union and Federalism Edited by Giacomo Delledonne and Giuseppe Martinico Yves Mény – Preface: European Union and Federalism Impossible or Inevitable? Giacomo Delledonne and Giuseppe Martinico – Introduction: European Federalism Robert Schütze – Two-and-a-half Ways of Thinking about the European Union This article argues that the sui

N° 52, 2016/2 – Varia

Christophe Majastre and Heidi Mercenier – The French Way to a Sociological Approach of Europe One Turn and Three Versions? This article looks back at the contributions that participated in the sociological turn within French research on Europe. Based on the analysis of these texts, this article looks at their