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N°63, 2019/1 – Varia

Varia Articles  Cyril Benoît, Gaël Coron – Explaining the failure to mobilise economic interests at European level. The mutualist identity struggling with the regulation of the insurance sector By studying a series of mobilizations initiated by French Mutual Benefit societies against the European Union ‘Insurance’ Directives between the 1990s and

N°62, 2018/4 – Varia

Varia Articles  Sylvain Roche, Guillaume Connan, Marc Moulin – Cross-border innovation public policy building at the time of smart specialisation. Its application to the marine renewable energy sector in the Nouvelle Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre Euroregion This paper presents the implementation of public policies regarding marine renewable energy in Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre as part of the implementation

N° 60, 2018/2 – Varia

Varia Articles Vincent Lebrou and Luc Sigalo Santos – How the European Social Fund is impacting local government: Reconfiguration of institutional relationships, redefinition of professional roles Since the 1990s, the European Social Fund (ESF) has been one of the European Union’s main instruments of intervention in the Member States. Yet, the